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Bernina machines are simply beautiful to sew with.  If you would like to come and try for yourself I would love for you  to come and sew on the machines on display

- Tanya


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Why I choose Bernina

Bernina sewing machines have been a market favourite for decades this is largely due to their cutting edge features developed by a team in Switzerland also coupled with there products being manufactured exclusively from high quality materials inside and out Swiss precision is at the heart of every product.

This ensures the highest level of durability and performance.

Bernina sewing machines are a reliable machine that can handle various fabric thicknesses and still deliver consistent stitches. Bernina sewing machines are a quality product.

On a personal note I have been sewing for years and since purchasing Bernina’s for the shop for people to use when they are in class I have come to realise and appreciate the difference between Bernina and the other machines I have owned.

I am a total Bernina convert, I have to say I love these machines they are definitely made to create.

At Cotton Rose we provide regular classes workshops and tutors as part of our commitment to you.